The Nightly is a music appreciation society disguised as a radio station, specializing in the old, the gloomy, and the obscure. We’re affiliated with (and run by members of) The Sad Old World.

Having belatedly discovered that most of our musical heroes are, confusingly, all but unknown, we’ve taken it on ourselves to build them their own doleful little museum. This takes the form of a sort of “numbers station” of songs, an endless, unalterable sequence of ballads & dirges that can be heard anywhere in the world at any time of day or night. Here we hope our idols can be loved as they probably more or less deserve, delaying as long as possible that mournful day they slip mankind’s memory once & for all.

The specialty of the house is a sort of twilit melancholia — moody & sweetly elegiac, avoiding anything overly bleak, morbid or jarring. We confine ourselves mostly to the mid-20th century — 1930 to 1970, say — with occasional forays backward to harvest tribal lullabies or the glittering residue of the strange Old World. Even more rarely we go forward in time to admire those few stalwarts keeping the glum, spare tradition alive today.

To the weary traveler in their Tokyo hotel room, the dead-shift Pittsburgh bartender, the bored Uber driver winding along the rainy canals of Amsterdam, we offer an identical solace… gloomy, little-known songs from across the centuries and around the globe, each one heard by YOU, dear listener, in the exact same moment as your fellow insomniacs and lonely-hearts the world over. At least one new song is added every night. Currently the station has upward of 4000 numbers in rotation.

Everything streaming here is intended for educational purposes, in the hope that the listener will enrich the original artists and labels by buying their records. However, if you own rights in anything here and disapprove of it’s inclusion in this forlorn floorshow, by all means notify us & we’ll happily remove any offending article.

Our day-to-day operation is entirely listener-supported… the station’s absolutely free BUT if you can spare a dollar or two to help out with turntable needles, web-hosting services and so on it really does ease the logistics of bringing to light all these lovely strange things we find while diving in the sunken cities. Thanks immensely to everyone who has already chipped in on Patreon or Buy Me A Coffee to help keep the station alive & free of the otherwise-probably-inevitable Prozac adverts & cheap wine solicitations.

Finally, do please join our pity frolic on facebook or instagram, and tell us what we’re doing wrong (or right). As you might expect from a society of miserablist noisemongers, glum musical suggestions are always especially welcome.  

Meanwhile, welcome to the woeful world of etc etc.

Est quaedam flere voluptas

M. Parker et al

August 15th, 2023